Your Instructor: AJ Cauilan

AJ Cauilan Is An FTMO Certified; 400k Funded Trader And A Private Portfolio Manager Who Specializes In The Foreign Exchange & Indices Market. AJ Has Had The Opportunity To Begin Trading At The Early Age Of 17 Years Old; Which Allowed Him To Acquire Early Experience In The Industry, Being Mentored By Institutional Traders And FX Researchers. Trading Has Become Second Nature To AJ And Can Easily Consider Himself As Self Employed. At 19 Years Old, AJ Has Finally Become Able To Financially Support His Family, As He Has Always Strived For Through The Boundless Potential Of Trading.

After Sharing His Passion With Over 150 Students Across 7 Continents Is Something That Is More Rewarding Than The Success He Was Able To Achieve Through Trading. Teaching Others Allowed Him To Meet And Mentor Very Promising Individuals That He Keeps Close For Future Team Projects And Plans. Moreover; Seeing Some Of His Students Lives Change By Achieving Financial Freedom Gave Him A Real Sense Of Purpose In Life In Which He Continues To Pursue Everyday.

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AJ's Funded Trader Certificates

$100'000 Funded
Trader Certificate


$100'000 Funded
Trader Certificate


$200'000 Funded
Trader Certificate

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